Artist In Residence

PACA Proyectos Artísticos Casa Antonino

Artist Run Space. Formación y creación artística en el campo. Artist In Residence programmes. Cursos y talleres de artes visuales.

PACA ofrece 3 modalidades de residencia que se ajustan a las características específicas de nuestro espacio y a nuestra trayectoria profesional y vital.

Las residencias están abiertas a lo largo de todo el año desde el 15 de septiembre al 30 de junio (No hay residenicas durante julio-agosto). Otoño-invierno-primavera. Info detallada:

PACA offers 3 types of residence that adjust to the specific characteristics of our space and our professional and life path.

  • Art Residencies are aimed at artists and researchers from different disciplines who wish to develop a project, create work in a concentrated way, initiate or continue artistic research; It may be the case that they just want to think and pause.
  • Gardening Residencies have a specific program, they are not designed for artists although they are obviously welcome, but for all those people with an interest in green, that green that is critical lymph, beauty, cyclical rhythms, entangled thought, manual work. A garden between agriculture, aesthetics and thought, art and nature. One part of the program is a theoretical approach and another is manual and daily work in our garden and orchard.
  • Learning Residencies are designed for those people interested in learning or perfecting a specific artistic technique. It is about generating a personalized program that adjusts to the needs and concerns of each person, adjusting teaching hours and content while enjoying the garden, the trees, in short, and for everyone, a concentrated time.

amateur gARDEN residencies for kinder futures. BARBECHO, BEAUTY AND HAND-FULLNESS.