LEARNING Residencies

vista del taller de PACA y del tórculo de grabado.


1. Shared STUDIO

You can also use the studio during your free time. In the studio you find: Internet Connection, HP print and scanner, Tascam digital recorder and microphones, Arteina T600 TS press (Characteristics: 5mm 600x1000mm plate. Rocker bearings. Upper roller diameter of 120mm. Pressure clamp system) proofing press for letterpress printing with antique wood and metal types, painting and generic tools, sink, work desk, video-projector, tripod, small dark room for analogical photography (photographic enlarger, no chemicals provided).

The studio is open from 10am to 8pm.


Private room, kitchen and open space living room, bathrooms and terrace + shared OUTDOOR spaces: garden and land (1Ha) with apple orchard and vegetable garden + library available.


Both the 12-hour and 24-hour cycles will be composed according to the interests of the resident, who can choose those disciplines and artistic techniques (among all our proposals) that best suit their interests, project or curiosity. It is a total immersion in artistic practice, where we (Giovanni and Virginia) will share what we have learned throughout our academic, professional and life career. Notions of gardening, amateur and experiential connections between botany, agriculture, philosophy and art are not excluded, given that the context invites this and is part of the essence of PACA and that, perhaps, you have decided come here.

In order to better organize the workshops (program and materials), it is necessary to know in advance the selected art workshops, we can guide you and talk before coming. Once here, in the doing, new incursions are always born, we already have that.

4. COMMUNICATION/Networking:

Communication and dissemination of the project in PACA website and social networks. Database of projects, artists, art platforms, curators, art galleries… (networking related to the resident art practice).

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