In search of the Pluriverse at PACA
16 – 23 Sept. 2022


Lately, as makers and as human beings, we have been feeling deep discomfort with the way we – as Western capitalist society – live with each other and with other-than-humans on this planet. Patriarchal thinking and doing, greed, waste, inequality. To secure a future for all living entities on this planet, we feel that a radical shift is needed. But how?
Sophie Krier and Erik Wong have adopted a perspective allied to the ideas put forward by Arturo Escobar in his book “Designs for the Pluriverse: Radical Interdependence, Autonomy (autonomy and communality can go hand in hand) and the Making of Worlds” (radical imaginations) (Duke University Press, 2018).

The central question is: how can we contribute to the transition to this multi-perspective world, to ‘a future that actually has a future’?

For the exchange of knowledge and experience, Krier and Wong have employed the format of the «Vertical Field Trip» to explore a place and an issue in depth, and «Making Radio«, a podcast in which the conversation is fuelled by the field trip: «Travelling Academy» five locations at the fringes of Europe: İstanbul, Casablanca and Berlin and two rural areas: the Isle of Mull and Asturias.
For each trip, four thinker/makers joined them: two locally-based, and two based in the Netherlands. Locals and contextual guides enriched each constellation. Every conversation and encounter built on the previous one in an effort to create a vibrant network that connects different places, types of knowing and ways of living.







4 guest makers:
Cynthia Hathaway, designer/researcher and founder of Wool Alliance for Social Agency, Netherlands/France/Pakistan. See:
Pascale Gatzen, fashion designer, founder of The Linen Project, and head of MA ‘Practice held in Common’ at ArteZ, Netherlands. See:
Chiara Sgaramella, researcher of eco-social issues, especially in relation to agriculture, land use and food sovereignty. Currently doing a post doc at Universitat Politècnica de Valencia.
Ana Carreño Fdez.-Travanco, architectural designer and photographer, currently doing a PhD on Post Industrial Cities, lives and works between Madrid and Gijón.

contextual guide and host: Virginia López and Giovanni Lanterna (PACA).
Verticality school at PACA: haciendo el cebatu (hazel fence) y andecha for early birds: collecting leaves of Isatis tinctoria for Virginia’s workshop in Fundación Cerezales on extracting pigment.
Other meetings in Asturias: Rubén Vega García is Professor at the Oviedo University, responsible for the Oral Sources Archive for the Social History of Asturias. LABoral Centro de Arte.

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