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From 19 – 23 February 2014 Madrid will hold the 5th edition of The Emerging Art Fair JUSTMAD. Within JUSTMAD framework the Chilean curator Andrea Pacheco has created and coordinated the JUST RESIDENCE programme which launches a series of unprecedented artworks sharing the particularity of have been created during an art residence in Spain. The invitation to join this project has been extented to a young southamerican internationally projected group of artists represented by emerging galleries and other artistic production sites, whose management includes artists’ commercial representation.

Under JUST RESIDENCE programme, MARTIN CALCAGNO (Buenos Aires, 1976) has carried out his artistic residency in PACA_ Casa Antonino Artistic Proyects from 17 January to 11 February 2014. As a result of his experience, Martin presents at JUSTMAD some works closely linked to the space and history of the place ( an Asturian farmhouse) experimenting with materials like wood or lead, developing topics previously approached by the artist  such as nature, daily life, dreamlike or romanticism.

Martin’s first collaboration lays the foundation for future activities that will be developed in PACA: artistic residences, temporary exhibition, educational activities, seminars, workshops ( particularly focused on the site-specific practice on contemporary arts) as well as open spaces for collaboration. In addition, PACA will give particular attention to the study of the rural environment in which is located, due to its great yet unknown landscapes, economy and culture resulting from the proximity to urban and industrially developed areas.

I have been always attracted by the idea of constructing dreamlike worlds in which harmony,humans and animals would coexist surrounded by a nature recovering its beauty and wisdom. As a creator,joining love and life dreams. As a sculptor, using high quality and warm materials which speak for themselves. Wood sweetness,hand-blown glass sparkle, bronze, copper and other metals virtues conquered me and still continue doing so. In recent years, I have been experimenting with new scenes finally leading me to XVII flemish still life where life’s fugacity concept is taken not as a matter of pride but as a tribute of life and beauty. Still life elements reflect a moment, a message or a trace in a scene that has already happened or, on the contrary, it is about to occur.Objects, different materials using a maximum level of care and detail.

The idea of working with lead came up resulting from the necessity of trying a new metal easy to work with. Its malleability and ductility enable me to work comfortably. At the same time,using lead, permits a final result carefully done, without ignoring clasic tecniques that are deeply linked to my artistic production.

My main purpose is to connect with local history through its objetcs (historical silverware, everyday items..) making a lead copy of all of them. That is a starting point to play and create magical scenes collecting objects in a narrative form.

Martin Calcagno

Art Residency at PACA_17 enero – 11 febrero 2014  

Work’s exhibition: JustMad5 Emerging Art Fair. Madrid  19 – 23 febrero 2014

Martín Calcagno //BIO 

(Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1976).

After graduated in Fine Arts (specialization in Sculpture) by the ENBA Prilidiano Pueyrredón in 2000 (Buenos Aires), Martin Calgano started his artistic career 15 years ago participating in collective and individual exhibitions in Argentina, Japan and Europe. Major individual exhibitions: La hermosa densidad de tu amor, galeria Elsi del Rio, Buenos Aires, (2013); Sueños de un joven enamorado, Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires (2011).  Colectivas recientes: JustMad, galería ArteBA, Madrid (2013-2014); Open Studio – Muestra Alcances, , Fundación Rozemblum, Buenos Aires (2012) Desproporciones, Fondo Nacional de las Artes (2012) ; Tec en Arte , Espacio Fundación Telefónica, (2008-2009), Buenos Aires;a very large part of his works are in private collections all over the world.

Currently, Martin is working in the melting of many different materials such as bronze, wood or glass. His meticulous and careful work hand in hand with topics like nature,romanticism and daily life result in unique artworks of a great visual impact.

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