LouPatat 2019 (short residency)


LOU PATAT | PACA_Artist In Residence 

19 july- 2 august 2019

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As an artist, focus is extremely important for me. Sometimes I need to stay away from all the distractions and practical things to do, to have only one priority, which is to create. This distance from home and relative isolation has proven very fruitful in my last residency and I look back on it as one of the best experiences I had. It was also one of the first times for me where I worked without external deadlines or project goals, only depending on my own intrinsic motivation. This made me feel stronger as an artist and more proud of my work.

Next to the focus, a new environment with new people and new perspectives is very refreshing and inspiring. Especially for my working style, which is based on fictional stories that I write myself and experimenting with new materials and approaches as well as sometimes collaboration with artists from different disciplines, a new place opens new doors. I love meeting artists from different countries which doesn’t happen much in my current school and environment. I still feel inspired by the artists that I met during my last residency and it makes me feel really good to be connected with artists from all over the world.

Lastly, I have never worked in nature, and I feel like this would be a really mind-changing experience for me. I have written fables before about potatoes (as a symbol for Dutch people) and I would really like to take this chance to see what kind of new fables I can write and also what kind of natural materials I can use to create new work, such as land art installations. I love nature and I have worked on farms before, but I haven’t yet connected nature with my artist practice and I’m very excited to start this new journey.



31 JULIO 2019 . H. 18.00. PACA_Proyectos Artísticos Casa Antonino 

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Encuentro con la artista en residencia en PACA: LOU PATAT.
Un pincheo festivo en la pomar de PACA, lugar en el que Lou Patat está realizando una pintura mural con la técnica del buon fresco. Encuentro informal con la artista para conocer su trabajo y ver de cerca algunos detalles del proceso y de la técnica empleada con la que ha estado experimentando durante su residencia.

Sidra casera y productos de la huerta de casa Antonino.

Lou Patat is a visual artist from Nijmegen in the Netherlands and recently graduated from ArtEZ University of the arts. Her work is based on fictional stories that she writes, which can be a fable about potatoes or a science fiction story about the last woman on earth. Working with a variety of materials and techniques, she is inspired by rituals to create a good relationship with materials. By doing the same action repetitively, stories and visuals start melting together.
At the moment at Paca she is learning about and experimenting with fresco technique, and being inspired by the environment and the details in the old frescos. Every giornata is a new world and might turn into a new story eventually.


Lou Patat, artista visual de Nijmegen (Países Bajos), recientemente graduada en la Universidad de las Artes ArtEZ. Sus obras parten casi siempre de historias de ficción o fábulas que ella misma escribe. A partir de ellas, y experimentando con una gran variedad de técnicas y materiales, dando libertad a un gesto automático y repetitivo inspirado en prácticas rituales, las historias y las imágenes comienzan a fundirse. En este momento, en Paca, está aprendiendo la técnica de la pintura mural al fresco; el mural realizado se inspira en el entorno y en motivos iconográficos de la pintura pompeyana. Cada giornata (término utilizado para designar cada día de trabajo sobre un enlucido fresco) es un mundo que aflora y que quizás se convierta en una nueva historia…