context: rural setting

PACA is a space for interdisciplinary contemporary art projects based in a traditional farmhouse in the rural aerea of Gijón, in the north coast of Asturias (Spain).  A creative environment, dense, fragile and complex in which traditional agriculture, architecture and landscape survive together with new industrialized areas. It’s next to Gijón (just 15 minutes by car or by public urban bus).

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The house has three bedrooms (one single and two double rooms), bathrooms, shared kitchen with firewood stove and living room, garden with water well and washing site, and 1 Ha land with orchard, apple trees, and vegetable garden. Residents can also use  PACA’s library. Indoor and outdoor spaces are open to the artist’s practice. Artists are also encouraged to use the nature and the environment that surrounds us as their workspace. We allways favor site oriented projects: Interaction with local community and territory.  
PACA residency offers a workspace, housing, and include support, information and feedback from staff and PACA community: artists, curators, researchers. We always try to offer ideal conditions and artistic support for artist research. We take specially care about connections between artist and local cultural agents.


RESIDENCE CONDITIONS (FEES): In this moment our AIR program it brings cost for the artist who enjoy the program. The 50% of the complete accomodation expenses, which are 750 € /per month or residency of 3 weeks: 630 € . Taxes not included (21%). This covers the cost of accommodation: pellets for heating, electricity, water … It also includes collection from our nearest transport hub, Asturias airport in Aviles or rail/bus station in Gijón/Oviedo. There is no application fee for the art residency.

If you want to aplly for SHORT RESIDENCIES (one-two weeks), just write an e-mail  for further information. mail : One week residency: 350

We offer full grants on a case –by case basis. ONE RESIDENCY PER YEAR IS FUNDED: They are exchange with other residencies, art centers, art galleries or artists invited directly by PACA’s  art director, also thanks to grants form institutions.If an artist makes a proposal  that we consider a valuable contribution to our research work, we will apply on that person behalf for funding in order to realize the project.


WHEN?: PACA ARTIST RESIDENCY is open all the year from 15th septembre-30 june. (not available during july-august). 

APPLICATION: by Open Call and committee selection // also by sending your project and portfolio in PDF (max. 3 Mb) by e-mail to:  during any period of the year. Remember that all the projects we select are site/audience oriented.




1.Working space  shared Studio (working space) of 80 mq with  and access to PACA equipments: Internet Connection, computer, HP print and scanner, Tascam digital recorder and microphones (contact and hydro-microphones), Arteina T600 TS press (Characteristics: 5mm 600x1000mm plate. Rocker bearings. Upper roller diameter of 120mm. Pressure clamp system) proofing press for letterpress printing with antique wood and metal types, painting and generic tools , sink, work desk, video-projector, tripod, small dark room for analogical photography (photographic enlarger, no chemicals provided).

2.Housing in PACA : private room + shared spaces: garden –land (1Ha), kitchen-living room, studio-library. (it includes heating, electricity, internet costs ). services for the development of artist project :

-logistics; curatorial and technical support -depending on project;

-Interaction with local agents (artists, curators, galleries…);

-reasoned text by an art critic or curator, selected according to artist’s work .*Only for funded residencies ;

-Communication and dissemination of the project in PACA website and social networks.

-The project will be published in pacabooks publications (PACABOOKS  editions are distribuited in several national contemporary art museums and we use to partipate in artbook fairs, as ARCO Madrid); *only for funded residencies.

– Organization of public presentations (artists’talks/ exhibition/ open studios) in collaboration with museums and institutions related with artist’s project.

Duration of residencies: between 1 week and 1 month. (please contact to us in case your project needs other duration to see availability )

Number of artist resident at one time: 2

(Partners are welcome but asked to pay a small fee to cover food and accommodation).

Expenses paid by artist: travel costs, meals, specific materials for his/her/their project and work-shipping after residency/exhibition.

Working languages: Spanish, Italian, English.

Disciplines and media: Visual Art, Sculpture, Performing Arts, Land Art, Textile Art, Educational Programmes and Relational Art,
Landscape studies (Geography, Ecology, Archaeology…), Curatorial… We consider all these disciplines closely linked  to each other and not mutually exclused.

(in case of Printmaking ask and contact to us to study possible collaborations with printmaking studios in the city).

contact for further information:

have a look to PACA artist in residency diary:



PACA_ Proyectos Artisticos Casa Antonino is a project who focus in contemporary art, environmental practices and art education.

The objectives of PACA_Proyectos Artisticos Casa Antonino are to promote the introduction of environmental and ecological attitudes in the arts; to conduct training, production, diffusion and education; to create collaborative networks of local, national and international institutions, universities, associations, foundations and cultural institutions; to enrich the local cultural structures by encouraging dialogue between artistic communities and other members of society. PACA creates, organizes, manages and produces cultural projects; conducts educational and didactic activities with social, democratic and comprehensive objectives; carries out theoretical studies, technical investigations and field works on artistic and environmental themes; organizes curated site-specific exhibitions and art events; documents, diffuses and communicates cultural and social projects using publishing and digital tools. Currently PACA_Proyectos Artisticos Casa Antonino is run by Virginia Lopez, and aims to enlarge with partecipative collaborations.

The basis and common thread running through artist residencies organized by PACA is the activation of artistic experiences that promote relations with the local community, the region and its history. Site specific/site oriented interventions are planned for the various spaces of the farmhouse and its surroundings, so that the artistic practice, research and experimentation not only has an aesthetic value, but can also generate new ways of interpreting the territory with which it dialogues, though cultural, social and environmental values.