I have a dream

Tengo un sueño

community project for Vancouver Bienale 2014-2016


TENGO UN SUEÑO//Vancouver Biennale I Have A Dream Global Community Project //@Trubia Spain from vlopez_PACA artprojects on Vimeo.

As farmland is being reduced around the globe, “I Have A Dream” Global Community Project hopes to draw attention to farming practices and communities by inviting artists to collaborate with farmers to sow fields or grow gardens in the shape of “I Have a Dream” in their own language. This community-based project takes art out of the studio and into the community and use art to empower communities through farming and gardening.
TENGO UN SUEÑO Trubia, Asturias/ Spain Project: Artist Virginia Lopez has developed this project in collaboration with the local community, other local artist and regional groups to exchange knowledge, memories and create internal links to the local community. Through the final video, they shared the various project phases through their participating in the Vancouver Biennale “I Have a Dream” Global Community Art Project, facilitated by the Biennale International Artist Residency artist, Shweta Bhattad.
The project calls for moments of collective sowing, documentation and several meetings with the local community , other local artists and local regional groups. These meetings serve to exchange knowledge, memories and create internal links to the local community. They serve to reflect on the situation in the countryside and contemporary agriculture and its relationship with the city and increasing urbanization of the territory, we will discuss about landscape, understood as a cultural construction in constant transformation that we are all artifices and therefore responsible. Each of the phases of the project is published through PACA’s and Vancouver Biennale website, the facebook page and other digital media.

Some of the meetings will be held within the framework of the El Paisaje Agrario de Veranes, (spring 2015) project designed by Virginia Lopez in collaboration with Lorena Lozano (econodos) and Giovanni Lanterna which is subsidized by the Municipal Foundation of Culture and Popular University of Gijón.




Tengo un sueño has been developed in Casa Antonino, Trubia, a small rural village in Gijón ´s peri-urban area, Asturias, Spanish north coast.
Casa Antonino, is a traditional farmhouse, where we have recently move to and which we are restoring. It’s also a space for art education, collaborative cultural projects and artist residencies, focusing on the connections between art, environment and social issues: PACA_Proyectos Artísticos Casa Antonino.
Therefore, I have a dream was also our dream.

The project began with a Day of Collective Sowing in PACA’s “Pumarada”.We prepared the land, friends and neighbours helped with the crops and gave to us different kind of seeds from their orchards: Laila, Lorena, Mario, Tino, Javi, …and many others. It was a sunny day and a lot of people came to share their dreams and seeds with us. Tino el Turrexón, together with other neighbours and farmers from Trubia, such as Mario, Juan… helped our guests to sow. Also, a small market was set up in order to show and sell some local products of: Tino el Turrexón, Maribel and Manolo, Natalia and Eduardo vegetables, and Nel Cañedo special Gamonéu cheese from the Picos de Europa Mountains (Asturias) where he is working. as assistant pastor and cheesmaker.
There was time to talk, to eat together and relax,
Casa Antonino, after many years of silence, was again alive!

The schedule of the day was:
h.11.00_ arrival and informal presentation of the project
h.11.30_ planting – seeds were already in PACA, but a lot of people brought their own seeds or do exchange in our small seed bank
h.13.00_lunch with home made and local products (potato omelettes, vegetable soaps like porrusalda, tomato sauces and Salad) and homemade cider.


#FROM SEPTEMBER TO NOVEMBER we were taking care of the sowing, and during the last month of November 2014 we had some meetings that were recorded for the final video (re-cognizing the territory, the situation of many traditional farmahouses in the area, collecting the apples in PACA`s apple orchard and producing hand made cider). During the spring 2015 within the project “Agricultural landscape in Veranes”, we had more mettings.

final day at Vitrina : acción Quien siembra recoge!


VIDEO Tengo un sueño: http://www.vancouverbiennale.com/documentary-videos/i-have-a-dream-%E2%80%A2-trubia-spain/
INFO about Tengo un sueño (EN): http://www.vancouverbiennale.com/learning-cases/i-have-a-dream-trubia-spain/
> I Have A Dream Project https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Have-A-Dream-Project/1411957069058466?fref=ts
> Tengo un sueño Project http://www.facebook.com/PacaProyectosArtisticosCasaAntonino


developed by
Virginia Lopez
Artist Run Space:
PACA_Proyectos Artísticos Casa Antonino
in collaboration with:
>Giovanni Lanterna , art restorer and member of PACA_Proyectos Artísticos Casa Antonino
> Lorena Lozano, artist and biologist and Javi Martín members of Platform ecoNodos http://www.econodos.net
>Neighbors from Cenero Trubia: sharing seeds, products, experiences and knowledge: Tino el Turrexón, Mario, Casa Manolo Eugenio., Maribel and Manolo, Paolino, Juan and Rosita, and many many others
>El Tenderete de Cabranes: giving way in the monthly market Santa Eulalia de Cabranes for the dissemination of the project
>Juanjo Palacios, artist and sound recorder: composing the audio for the final video http://www.juanjopalacios.com
>Juan Pablo Torrente (bajaltura.com): aerial photography. http://www.bajaltura.com
> Viveros Runza: donating plants for the sowing day.
> friends , sowers and family
This project has been subsidized by the Municipal Foundation of Culture and Popular University of Gijón.