Contracorriente |InnerNature2018

selected artists

PACA is glad to participate in #InnerNature exhibition 2017-2018 organized by Chiara Sgaramella as one of the hosting spaces for the travelling exhibition.

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The third edition will revolve around the theme of water, an essential element for life. Water cycles and availability have been drastically modified by the effects of climate change and pollution, two anthropogenic phenomena that, among others, are causing alterations of ecosystems. Our purpose is to collect some contemporary proposals that tackle this issue through an ecological approach.

PACA_Proyectos Artísticos Casa Antonino will show the selected videos during 2018 whithin  other activities (encounters, residencies, workshops) related with the topic.

The exhibition will  travel to other places in Spain such as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Espacio Guia), Teruel (Human and Social Science Department), Salamanca (Espacio Zink), Valencia (La Posta Foundation) and Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park (Cultura de Ribera). Furthermore, it will also be shown in other countries: at Climate, Sustainability & the arts (CSArts) at Temple University in Philadelphia (USA), at the Botanical Garden of Marnay-sur-Seine (France) and El Lobi in San Juan (Puerto Rico).The selected videos will be part of collective show which is scheduled to travel to several exhibition spaces in Spain and internationally.


The inauguration of the third edition of INNER NATURE exhibition “Against the Tide”, has taken place in Valencia at the IVAM Museum (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern) on November 10, 2017, coinciding with the COP23. The great diversity of selected works shows the complexity of the issues related to water in the so-called “Anthropocene”.

La inauguración de la tercera edición de INNER NATURE “Contracorriente”, ha tenido lugar  lugar en Valencia en el IVAM (Institut Valencia d´Art Modern) el próximo 10 de noviembre de 2017 coincidiendo en fechas con la COP23. La gran diversidad de obras seleccionadas presenta una mirada múltiple a la compleja situación del agua en tiempos del ya denominado “Antropoceno”.

Official section / Sección oficial:

RONNIE KARFIOL. A Virtual Guided Tour in the Aegean Sea 5:35 min JOHANNA REICH. River in Flood 4:48 min ROOSJE VERSCHOOR. The Weather Forecast 5 min JUANMA VALENTÍN Y LUCIA LOREN. Menú nuclear 4.58 min NOBINA GUPTA. Disappearing Streams 3.44 min PAT VAN BOECKEL. The story of water 5:20

Variable section / Sección Variable

ANNA DAY. Sea Change 3:38 DESPINA ECONOMOPOULOU. Lifetide, Sooner or Later 4:54 min ANTONIA BAÑADOS. “New lands” 5 min KIM JIN KOOK. Water makes life possible on Earth 2:11 min CLARE CHARNLEY & PATRICIA ACEVEDO. equilibrar – to balance 1:27 min HUGH LIVINGSTON. River text 3.29 min