ZINES OF THE ZONE is a nomadic collection of self-published books & zines photo-related. It is a non-profit project from France, visiting the far corners of Europe in order to meet local artists, organize book-exhibitions, and to share, more […]

Zines of the Zone at PACA! 13-14 oct.2018

pacabooks en ARCOMadrid, sección ArtsLibris. 21-25 febrero 2018   PACAbooks is a self publishing project by Virginia López :: artist run space PACA_Proyectos Artísticos Casa Antonino.| . From PACAbooks are published: magazines, fanzines, catalogs and artist books, mainly related to the activities carried out within the […]

pacabooks en ARCOMadrid 21-25 febrero2018

  Felicissimi! we are happy to announce: We have been selected for Fruit Exhibition 6! PACAbooks è stata selezionata tra gli espositori di Fruit Exhibition 6. 2,3,4 Febbbraio 2018. Bologna. Italia.  (Palazzo Re Enzo) Fruit Exhibition è […]

FRUIT art book fair 2018|Bologna

evento en Facebook Del 9 al 11 de junio estaremos en Alma Gráfica  1ª Feria-Encuentro de Arte Grafico (grabado + Edición de Arte) Ciudad de Oviedo. 9-11 junio 2017 Plaza de Trascorrales, Oviedo. Su objetivo es ofrecer a los artistas […]

feria ALMA GRÁFICA 2017, Oviedo 9-11 junio