Malou Adriaansens 2019




PACA_Artist In Residence 

21 july- 12 august 2019


As an artist, focus is extremely important for me. Sometimes I need to stay away from all the distractions and practical things to do, to have only one priority, which is to create. This distance from home and relative isolation has proven very fruitful in my last residency and I look back on it as one of the best experiences I had. It was also one of the first times for me where I worked without external deadlines or project goals, only depending on my own intrinsic motivation. This made me feel stronger as an artist and more proud of my work.

Next to the focus, a new environment with new people and new perspectives is very refreshing and inspiring. Especially for my working style, which is based on fictional stories that I write myself and experimenting with new materials and approaches as well as sometimes collaboration with artists from different disciplines, a new place opens new doors. I love meeting artists from different countries which doesn’t happen much in my current school and environment. I still feel inspired by the artists that I met during my last residency and it makes me feel really good to be connected with artists from all over the world.

Lastly, I have never worked in nature, and I feel like this would be a really mind-changing experience for me. I have written fables before about potatoes (as a symbol for Dutch people) and I would really like to take this chance to see what kind of new fables I can write and also what kind of natural materials I can use to create new work, such as land art installations. I love nature and I have worked on farms before, but I haven’t yet connected nature with my artist practice and I’m very excited to start this new journey.

 Propuesta de trabajo durante la residencia en PACA:

Most of my work is based on fictional stories that I write and that inspire me to make visual work or sometimes the other way around as well. I love working this way because fiction helps me to think and work freely and out of the system. I also try to keep a sense of humor in the way I work which keeps me sharp and at a distance from pretentiousness.

During the Summer residency, I would like to continue where my last project left of. As you can see in my portfolio, my last project is about the last humans on earth. This Summer, I therefore want to study a post human world, where nature develops its own culture. In my story and visual works, the plants, trees and animals will be fully in charge. There might still be remains of human life around, but they will be taken over by nature. This project will be fictional, but definitely inspired by spending much time in nature and observing what’s happening. Not from a scientific perspective, but from an imaginative artist’s perspective. For example, like my mural about a “Dancing cactus” (as you can see in my portfolio), I will observe the rituals of the plants. How do they eat, flirt, drink? In addition to the major inspiration of the surrounding nature, there are also quite new and interesting scientific works and theories related to this that I’d like to study. For example, Peter Wohlleben’s book about the secret life of trees, where he describes that trees really function as a society, taking care of the weaker members and communicating about food.


photo: MALOU ADRIAANSENS AARDAPPEL ANDERS I 2017-Keramiek met metaal- 42 cm x 21 cm x 12 cm